Item's in our pre-order catagory are NOT in stock! Please read the item's description for estimated ship dates. Do NOT order a pre-order item if you are counting on it for a specific time as sometimes as with all preorders there can be a delay. We will keep everyone updated on social media if any delays come up regarding a pre order item. Do NOT order other items along with your pre-order item if you don't want there to be a delay shipping your in-stock items as your order will be shipped all together! Pre-orders are a great way to make sure you get in on the new arrivals! Sometimes we sell out on new arrivals within 24hrs and it leaves our customers frustrated that they missed it so this is a new venture we are trying on select items we think will be popular that we know can't be restocked once they are gone! Please do not send emails asking why your order has not shipped on pre-order items as it takes valuable time to answer all these when the estimated shipping time is available online :)